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Counselling and Psychotherapy and Supervision

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is often a longer term exploration of issues and oneself and counselling may be more about a specific issue worked through on a shorter term basis.

The purpose of both counselling and psychotherapy is fundamentally a way of understanding yourself (including thoughts, feelings, current and past circumstances and environment) and your relationship with others better. By bringing awareness and insight to our feelings, patterns of behaviour and thinking which can often be negative, critical or imbalanced we become more conscious of how we manage and express feelings how we communicate, how we form and maintain relationships or how we manage conflict, change or loss. Greater understanding and awareness gives us more choice and a feeling of empowerment to make different choices and to have greater control and direction of our lives as well as a stronger sense of self and purpose.

My Approach

I work as an Integrative Psychotherapist and this means that I draw on a number of different models of psychotherapy such as psychodynamic, person-centred, existential and transpersonal as well as CBT. I draw on different aspects of each model to suit your needs. The Psychodynamic model broadly means we explore how the past maybe affecting you in the present, how early attachment might influence current relationships and the defences you may have developed to protect yourself. I will help you make links with events/people/feelings from the past that get triggered in the present. Making the unconscious more conscious enables you to make more informed choices and be less controlled or directed by the past. I will also draw on the person-centred model which at its heart is based upon building a deep and trusting congruent relationship as well as holding in mind that each person has their own wisdom and inner resources to access their own healing. The existential model places emphasis on the givens of human existence, freedom and associated responsibility, death, isolation and meaninglessness. The transpersonal model looks at a situation from the soul's perspective which includes connecting you to your innate qualities which can get overlaid by circumstances and experiences. The transpersonal model brings a holistic and deeper element to the work linking mind body and spirit. I work with the creative imagination using guided visualisation, dreams, sand trays, art, symbols and archetypes. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which essentially identifies your thought patterns and ways of changing them to feel more balanced. I may also use mindfulness techniques, gestalt, family constellations and indigenous earth based systems such as the medicine wheel and the elements.

I am personable and genuine. I work in the strictest confidence and maintain strong boundaries. I am supportive, reliable and not afraid to challenge.


I have been providing supervision to individuals and groups for 2 years having completed my training with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot, Centre for Supervision Training and Develpment (CSTD) in 2019.

Supervision is about the relationship between supervisor and supervisee, supervisee and client and the field where these relationships take place. I believe that supervision should be supportive, which includes helping the supervisee to develop reflective thinking, encouraging responsibility and challenging when necessary. I provide a confidential space for counsellors and psychotherapists to discuss their client work as well as the processes which may be encountered within the triad of client-counsellor-supervisor.

I suggest an initial session of at least 50 minutes to discuss possible supervision requirements, expectations and how we both work as well as interests and motivation. This may include discussion with trainees about admin requirements.

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