Elizabeth Rowlinson Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision on the Isle of Wight

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision

I am a fully qualified and experienced psychotherapist and supervisor with over 10 years experience of working with adults and young people. I offer 1 to 1 counselling and psychotherapy sessions in person in Brading on the Isle of Wight and on-line via Zoom or Skype.

Life can present us with challenging experiences and give rise to a range of difficult feelings such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger or shame. You may be feeling overwhelmed, confused or frightened or have lost a sense of purpose and meaning especially in current world circumstances. You may be experiencing relationship issues, loss or illness or generally feeling stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in yourself. There may be issues from the past that occupy your thoughts that you have never talked about. Reaching out for help can feel difficult but it can also be a great relief. However impossible it might be to see a way through or to believe that counselling/pyschotherapy can help I would encourage you to take that first step.

Counselling/psychotherapy are ways of making sense of your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe, holding and non-judgemental space. Talking with someone who is skilled in listening and understanding can bring clarity and insight into what may be troubling you and can lead to possible ways forward. On a deeper level psychotherapy is an opportunity to know and understand yourself and your relationship with others more fully. Sometimes life's experiences or challenges can pull us off track, inhibit our sense of self and we can lose sight of who we. By unravelling the layers of ourselves, by discovering our strengths and qualities psychotherapy can lead to an enhanced sense of self and purpose and ultimately to a better quality of life.

Talking to a stranger about your personal feelings and experiences can feel daunting. I offer a welcoming, open-hearted, confidential, reliable and non-judgemental setting to work through things at your own pace. I work on a short term (6-12 sessions) or an open ended basis depending on your needs and expectations. I have a private, dedicated and covid secure room from which I practice counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in Brading and on line via Zoom or Skype.

I am very experienced in working with adults and adolescents alike on a range of issues including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-harm, suicide ideation, relationship issues, grief and loss, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, developmental trauma, transgender and illness as well as loss of meaning and purpose. I work with people who are struggling to come to terms with difficult childhoods or troubled family relationships and who may have suffered from physical, sexual. emotional abuse or neglect.

My aim as a counsellor/ psychotherapist is to make sure you feel heard and understood. I am genuinely interested in what it is to be human with all its complexities and challenges. My approach is deeply intuitive, creative and insightful working holistically with the mind, body and spirit. I believe that even the most challenging or painful experiences can be worked through to find peace and understanding and also provide opportunities for growth and transformation that can ultimately lead to a renewed sense of purpose and deeper connection to ourselves and life.

Please contact me for a free no obligation 30 minute conversation on 07807 589134 to see if you feel comfortable working with me or email me: [email protected]

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